Latin rock night
Join us for "Latitud Zero TLV," the can't-miss Latin Rock Music Festival of 2023 in Israel! Showcasing an exciting lineup…

יום שישי



Join us for "Latitud Zero TLV," the can't-miss Latin Rock Music Festival of 2023 in Israel! Showcasing an exciting lineup of Latina-led bands that have made Israel their home, including the likes of "Not Focus," "CheRock," and "Lamarteff," this is an event that celebrates the rich tapestry of Latin music.

Set against the backdrop of Tel Aviv's diverse cultural scene, "Latitud Zero TLV" promises a night of high-energy rock en español, featuring original compositions as well as beloved classics. It's a unique opportunity to experience the pulsating rhythms and soul-stirring melodies that have made Latin rock a genre unto itself.

Mark your calendars and get ready for a night of unforgettable performances. "Latitud Zero TLV" is not just a festival; it's a musical journey that transcends borders and unites fans of rock from all walks of life. See you there!

Open doors> 20:00

About the Bands:

Meet "Not Focus," a dynamic rock en español band that has been electrifying stages across Israel since 2012. Comprised of four unique talents—Tsach on bass, Itay commanding the drums, Hernan 'Chino' offering powerful guitar riffs and harmonious backing vocals, and Neguer, the charismatic frontman delivering vocals, guitar, and various onstage antics—this band offers an authentic blend of original tracks and selected covers.

Introducing "CheRock," a band founded in Raanana in 2022 with one singular mission: to resurrect the soul-stirring sounds of '90s Argentine rock and roll. Composed of Ariel Kita on vocals and guitars, Diego Shifman on drums, and Damian Abramovich on bass, this trio is dedicated to reviving this iconic era of music. Step back in time and relive the nostalgia, as CheRock delivers an unforgettable performance that pays homage to one of the golden eras of Argentine rock.

Presenting "Lamarteff," a unique Uruguayan-Argentine band based in Israel that delves into an eclectic mix of musical styles categorized as Alternative Latin. Seamlessly blending Latin rhythms with Uruguayan and Argentine folklore, murga, candombe, and rock and roll, Lamarteff offers a musical experience unlike any other. The band features a talented ensemble of seven members: Ariel, Damian, Shai, Mike, Tommy, Shimi, and Mati. Each contributes to the group's distinctive sound that captivates audiences and celebrates the rich tapestry of Latin musical heritage.




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