Who are you calling a refugee?
The main event: an evening of freedom songs in Levontin 7. Top refugee and Israeli musicians on one stage. Entrance…

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Who are you calling a refugee?

Tel Aviv business owners identify with asylum seekers from Africa. An African Celebration of food and music around town.
The main event: an evening of freedom songs in Levontin 7. Top refugee and Israeli musicians on one stage.
Sunday, January 19, 6pm through the night.
Entrance to all events is free.

More than fifty restaurants, Cafés and bars around Tel Aviv will dedicate the evening of January 19th to the asylum seekers from Africa. Business owners, Chefs and artists joined the initiative and will take part in the artistic program that includes authentic African dishes, music and art.

The event was initiated by restaurant, coffee shop and bar owners to honor their refugee employees, to try and bridge between peoples and cultures and to raise awareness of the status of asylum seekers in Israel. The program includes: serving traditional Sudanese and Eritrean dishes, live shows of African ensembles, homage to African music, conversations and fundraising.

The main event will take place in Levontin 7 at 10pm, where top refugee and Israeli musicians will sing freedom songs side by side. Will perform: BILAKA, GROOVE AMBASADORS, DARFUR STAR and the theater collective “One Strong Black”.

Guest musicians: Alma Zohar, Quami, HaGirafot, Noam Inbar, Maya Dunietz and Ravid Kahalani, Gil Ron Shama and Lizette, Uri Brauner Kinrot, Ran Danker and D.J. Bush Beats.

More information about the musicians:

Darfur Star play rhythmic and upbeat traditional music
Groove Ambassadors is a mixed group of refugees and Israelis. They offer a local adaptation of West African music. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaTnrbUu3bw

Bilaka is a mixed group of refugees from Congo and Israeli musicians. They play West African Music mixed with Reggae and Gospel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXP2Q2SWLvU

The theater collective “One Strong Black” – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owZ7-3VRpAQ

More events:

Shafa Bar in Jaffa: an evening of solidarity, live shows and Injera, starting at 6pm.
A live show of traditional drumming and dance of the Masalit tribe from South Sudan. At 8pm Carolina will perform with her guitar. 2 Nahman Sreet, Flea Market, Jaffa.

Pasáž: Sabbo and guests in an Afro-beat party and live shows, starting at 8pm
Guest ensembles: AFRO PO, a mixed group of Musicians from Congo and Darfur; PRINCE AMOAH, a rising pop star in Ghana will perform original songs and covers; KELIFA MAHMOUD, a rising star in the local Eritrean music scene, will perform traditional music. 97 Alenby Street.

In the Miznon: Eyal Shani will cook African dishes with his friends from the kitchen with happy African music. 30 King George Street.

Casino San Remo: A culinary happening + music by Raw Tapes, starting at 6pm.
Rigba, the wife of the beloved cook Takala, will cook traditional Eritrean dishes. The soundtrack for this event will be provided by Rejoicer, from the label Raw Tapes, who will cook beats spiced up with African elements. 2 Nehama Street, Jaffa.

Margoza Bar: an exhibition inspired by the beloved continent and local variations of African food.
The always changing exhibition that decorate the bar’s walls, will be dedicated to works inspired by Africa and the refugee struggle. The works will be available for purchase. Local variations to Eritrean dishes will be served by the chefs of the restaurant, Tespai and Pikara. 3 Rabi Yohanan Street, Jaffa.

Yahaloma: Food from Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea.
The food will be cooked by Samrat, who works in the bistro and is the spiritual twin of Yahaloma, the owner. A beautiful soundtrack of Eritrean music will accompany the evening. 5 Zvuloon Street.
The Tarnegol will host a cooking workshop of Kitchen Talks Project which will be conducted by cooks from Sudan, Eritrea, Nigeria and the Ivory Coast. It will also be a farewell party for one of the cooks from Darfur, Hassan Shakour, who got summoned to the Holot detention facility. 4 Sheerit Israel Street, Jaffa.
Basta: Maoz Alonim and friends will cook a special dish / Shesek: Amir Egozy will play all sorts of African music / in LoveEat: a sale of beautiful crocheted baskets and other environmentally friendly products done by Kuchinate, a collective of African asylum seeking women / In Tolaat Sfarim: a sale of books about Africa / and much more




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